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Old news……

[ Feb 2007 ]

26th February- my remix of Damian Schwarz ‘Verde Confeti’ to be released on the very hot CMYK, alongside a remix by Pan Pot.

My Feb 2007 DJ mix online here.

Also, just signed an EP to CMYK in Madrid.

[Jan 2007 ]

Happy New Year! Time to get back on track… First up is Mikrowave 04 – the Sabbath EP by Mihalis Safras, with two incredible remixes by Mark Broom. Out February.

Some new dates: 13th April is a trip down London @ The Key. Also doing the International Deejay Gigolos 10th anniversary party in Berlin on April 20th.

My comrades in Madrid- Alex Under, Tadeo and Damian Schwarz are also putting on a Net 28 birthday party on May 13th. Am going down to do that, Thomas Brinkmann will also be there.

[ Nov 2006 ]

A month of remixes.. Have just completed a mix of Damian Schwarz for Alex Under’s CMYK label. Release date to be early 2007.

Also confirmed now, my remix of Outlander’s Vamp will get an official release on the International Deejay Gigolo compilation 10. The original 1991 track is a total classic for me, so am most pleased..

[ Oct 2006 ]

My debut release for International Deejay Gigolo ‘DMX’ out 23rd of October

Have also released a new promo mix CD ‘Cook for 78 minutes’. It features the unreleased Bodycode remix of my track ‘That Guy’ as well as unreleased Gigolo material that will be included on my debut album. Also on there are some unreleased Mikrowave trax. You can download an Mp3 & tracklisting on your left.

[ Sept 2006 ]

‘Black and White’ is getting some really nice responses- have had emails back from Charles Siegling (Technasia), Christian Smith, Funk D’Void..

Two compilations featuring my tracks being promoted at the moment, both out this month I think:

Jeff Bennet – Liquid Tunes (featuring ‘Produkt’)
Deepgroove – Solo (featuring ‘Format’)

[ June 2006 ]

I’ve done a mix for Radio1, it was broadcast on the Fergie show at the very end of April. For those that didn’t hear it have got the full mix and interview in Mixes section of this site.

My track ‘Dog Eat Dog’ out now on Monu-mental, on a double A with Cesco-Picrudo. Format has been Licensed for Deepgroove’s compilation on Darren Emerson’s Underwater label.

Alex Under (see third release) played live in Manchester ( Phuture) in May and tore it up. He did a live set with 2 laptops, fx units and a controller.. crazy guy.

‘Produkt’, with a remix from Marc Ashken is out early next month on MIKROWAVE.

For any crazy irish out there, am booked to play Limerick for 2 nights over summer, at night Strutt in July and August. Will also be playing a Monu-mental party with my main man Jus’ Phil in Wakefield in August.

[ March 2006 ]

Have added my Radio 1 interview with Fergie to Mixes. It was part of a ‘Best of British Futures’ and included myself, James Talk and Dave Robertson.. more info on this in News

[ Feb 06 ]

Finally some sunshine coming thru.. Looking forward to summer now.. New mix for Feb online. The excellent Agaric (Patrik Skoog of Drumcode) has signed up to remix Format, and his mix will form part of the first release for Mikrowave.

Marc Ashken has already completed his mix of Produkt, which you can hear now in my February mix.